Portland Trailblazers Sign Free Agent Guard Mo Williams


Free agent guard Mo Williams has reached a two year $5.6 million deal with the Portland Trailblazers. Williams played 46 games for the Utah Jazz last season, averaging 12.9 PPG and 6.2 assists per game. The signing of Mo Williams will add much needed depth to the young back court, a mentor for Damian Lillard, the raining rookie of the year, and a veteran presence for a team who is in the rebuilding phase.

Williams initially wanted a starting role with Utah, but the signing of rookie Trey Burke forced Williams to look elsewhere. Williams, a player who was restricted by injuries last season, will look to start afresh in Portland. However, with Portland already heavy at the guard position, it’s not certain how many minutes Williams will get to play. However, it is definitely certain that Portland needed a veteran to help with the growth of young players like…

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Timberwolves Shabazz Muhammad sent home from NBA Rookie Program


When Shabbaz “one year” Muhammad came out of high school, in ESPN’s top high school basketball player rankings, he was number one. His stock quickly fell. Muhammad was drafted 14th overall in this year’s NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz and his rights were to the Timberwolves. With this news of him being sent home, it surely does raise some eyebrows. Apparently Muhammad was sent home because he violated the rule of bringing in a female guest into his hotel room. What does this tell us about Muhammad? It gives us an impression that Muhammad is still well a college kid. Some of these guys come out of college way too early. It has been a recent trend in college basketball, and some of these guys  should play at least three years of college basketball. This action by Muhammad shows that he is still very immature, and perhaps is not…

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